Experts from Paris University visit Jivagram

A group of French doctors and nurses lead by Isabelle Celestin-Lhopiteau, Head of the French Institute of Mind-Body Practices and Integrative Health Studies, Paris Sud University met with Dr Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda at the Jivagram Centre for Wellbeing in Faridabad.

The group of experts develop researchers for French University hospitals by integrating the knowledge of Ayurveda in their treatment procedures. Dr Chauhan met with the group and discussed the core areas where Ayurveda can make a significant contribution in developing future researchers trained to take a broader and more holistic view of health, thereby empowering them to arrive at better solutions that the world is facing today.


“A common trend that I have observed in most of Europe is the prevalence of NCD (non-communicable diseases) such as Obesity, High BP, heart problems, and High Cholesterol as well as chronic health problems that are often termed as incurable diseases. Ayurveda can help in all of these areas. Also, Ayurveda can help European governments attain a healthy economy by improving the overall quality of life of citizens,” said Dr Chauhan after meeting with the French experts.

It must also be noted that last month the European Parliament awarded Dr Chauhan with the prestigious Ayurveda Ratan Award at Brussels during a high level meeting with European healthcare policy makers working towards integrating Ayurveda in their healthcare systems.

Jiva Ayurveda focuses on delivering high quality, personalized Ayurvedic treatment for chronic and lifestyle diseases. Jiva Ayurveda consults more than 8,000 patients every day through its three medical and research centres and 80+ Clinics across India. The Jiva Medical and Research Centre, Faridabad, Haryana is a first-of-its-kind health centre in the world with more than 500 Ayurvedic doctors and support professionals providing telephonic consultations to patients across 1,800 cities and towns in India. The company also has its own HACCP and GMP certified manufacturing facility which produces more than 600 classical and proprietary formulations in medicines and products. Jivagram Centre for Wellbeing is a unique residential facility in Faridabad where guests can rejuvenate with holistic healing treatments and therapies like Panchakarma, Reflexology, Music and Colour therapy.

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