Eye Mantra secures $10 M investment from MantraCare to accelerate expansion plans

Eye Mantra Group of Hospitals aims to hire and train additional medical professionals, acquire state-of-the-art equipment

Eye Mantra, a leading eye care chain, has announced a significant investment of $10 million from MantraCare, a prominent global healthcare player. The funding will fuel the expansion of Eye Mantra’s branch network across India, with a vision to establish a presence in more than 30 cities. Additionally, Eye Mantra aims to extend its footprint to international markets, including Africa and Southeast Asia.

The investment from MantraCare marks a significant milestone for Eye Mantra Group of Hospitals, empowering the organisation to further enhance its cutting-edge medical facilities for lasik and cataract, world-class infrastructure, and expand its comprehensive range of eye care services. With the infusion of capital, Eye Mantra will significantly scale up its operations, enabling more patients to access top-notch eye care services across India and beyond.

“We are delighted to partner with MantraCare, a globally recognised healthcare player, who shares our commitment to revolutionising eye care services. This investment will accelerate our growth plans, allowing us to reach more patients in need of quality eye care,” said Dr Shweta Jain, Founder and CEO, Eye Mantra Group of Hospitals. “We envision expanding our presence in over 30 cities in India, while also exploring new opportunities in Africa and Southeast Asia to extend our services to international communities.”

MantraCare’s investment in Eye Mantra Group of Hospitals reflects its confidence in the organisation’s strong track record, innovative approach, and dedication to improving eye health on a global scale. The partnership between the two healthcare leaders will foster knowledge sharing, technical expertise, and operational synergies to elevate the standard of eye care provision in both existing and new markets.

“Eye Mantra has demonstrated unparalleled excellence in the field of eye care, making a positive impact on countless lives. We are thrilled to support their expansion plans and collaborate to deliver exceptional healthcare services to individuals across India and international markets,” stated Kumar, Global Head, MantraCare. “We see India as a huge opportunity. This strategic investment aligns with our vision of advancing access to high-quality medical care, and we are confident that our partnership will drive meaningful change in the healthcare landscape.”

With this funding infusion, Eye Mantra Group of Hospitals aims to hire and train additional medical professionals, acquire state-of-the-art equipment, and establish new branches to cater to the increasing demand for eye care services. The organisation’s expansion plans will further solidify its position as a leading provider of comprehensive eye care solutions in India and propel its efforts to improve eye health worldwide.

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