Eyestem partners with RetinAI

To innovate Geographic Atrophy clinical research using state-of-the-art AI technology

Eyestem Research, a Bengaluru-based biotechnology company specialising in cell therapy approaches, has entered a strategic partnership with Ikerian and RetinAI Inc US (RetinAI), is a pioneer in clinical and imaging data management software and advanced AI-driven analytics for ophthalmology.


Leveraging RetinAI’s Discovery platform and AI tools will enable Eyestem to advance in its mission to revolutionise treatment for geographic atrophy with its innovative cell therapy, Eyecyte-RPE.

“This collaboration with RetinAI marks a significant milestone in our journey,” said Dr Jogin Desai, Founder and CEO, Eyestem. “Their sophisticated AI tools and the RetinAI Discovery platform integrate perfectly with our vision, potentially shortening the timelines for our clinical trials and enhancing the accuracy of our analyses. This is not just a partnership; it’s a confluence of high-end biotech innovation and cutting-edge artificial intelligence aiming to rewrite the narrative for patients affected by geographic atrophy worldwide.”

Dr Carlos Ciller, CEO, RetinAI, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are excited to partner with Eyestem, known for its forward-thinking approach to biotechnology and cell therapy. Our AI-driven Discovery platform is poised to significantly accelerate research and provide enhanced insights into disease progression and outcomes. Together, we’re confident that this synergy will not only enrich insights in the development of novel treatments but also manifest in delivering life-altering solutions faster to individuals affected by retinal diseases globally.”

Eyestem is taking a significant step forward by preparing to initiate its Phase I/IIa clinical trials for Eyecyte-RPE. This multi-centre, dose escalation and expansion trial aims to assess Eyecyte-RPE’s safety and efficacy for geographic atrophy. This trial will benefit from RetinAI’s Discovery platform, which will centralise data management and image analysis for the study. Moreover, RetinAI’s advanced segmentation model will be leveraged for the identification and quantification of retinal biomarkers in geographic atrophy. This automated analysis will provide real-time insights on clinical endpoints, speeding up critical decision-making.

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