FFD’s IRP programme helps patients become diabetes-free

FFD follows ‘Hi-Touch, Hi Tech’ approach

Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) has helped 10,000 diabetics return to a normal life, to live without any diabetic medications. People from over 30 countries have enrolled and experienced an improvement in health and quality of life in addition to freedom from medication. FFD, under Dr Pramod Tripathi, has the vision to reach 1,00,000+ medicine-free diabetes individuals by 2025.


FFD has achieved this remarkable feat courtesy of its flagship programme called the Intensive Reversal Program (IRP). The IRP is an online programme based on four scientific protocols namely diet, exercise, inner-transformation, and medical approaches. The success of the IRP can be attributed to the able leadership and guidance of FFD’s founder Dr Tripathi. 

Dr Tripathi said, “Making 100,000 people free of diabetes medicines and insulin is a goal which I’ve been working on for the last eight years. It is great to see the movement reaping real results and gaining ground with every passing year. At FFD, we follow a ‘Hi-Touch, Hi Tech’ approach where we are constantly innovating on how sustainable behavioural change with practice and support systems like group therapy, inner transformation, learned optimism practice, identity change supported by mentors, doctors, dieticians, exercise experts, psychologists, and the latest technology can help in achieving the ultimate goal of reversal.”

In just 8 years, FFD has proved that type-2 diabetes patients can be managed without medications. FDD has helped patients in lowering blood sugar levels, stabilising BP levels, resolving PCOD/S problems, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic naturopathy and obesity.FFD’s Intensive Reversal Programme is designed and delivered by a strong 100+ member team of doctors, dieticians, exercise experts, psychologists, and other support staff. 

FFD has a cloud-based app called the ‘FFD App’ where users input their blood sugar readings, BP, etc. for personalised monitoring by the team. Besides, patient-specific diet and exercises are also uploaded regularly on the app. FFD is also known for its weight loss programme by Dr Malhar Ganla who is FFD’s, Chief Innovation Officer. 

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