First Asia-Pacific Hospital Treats Patients With RayStation and Radixact

STOCKHOLM, Oct. 28, 2019 – Thailand’s Lopburi Cancer Hospital, a center of excellence for cancer treatment, is the first in the Asia-Pacific region to clinically use the combination of RaySearch’s treatment planning system RayStation® with Accuray’s Radixact® Treatment Delivery System.

Lopburi has a focus on innovation and has been designated a national center of excellence for cancer treatment. Today it provides specialist treatment to patients in twelve provinces around the country. The hospital selected RayStation as its treatment planning system in 2015, largely due to the system’s automated breast planning capabilities and unique multi-criteria optimization. Since its implementation, RayStation has enhanced the clinic’s workflows, reduced calculation times and ensured consistently high-quality treatment plans.


The Lopburi team, led by Dr. Kriengkri Namthaisong, hospital director and Mr. Somsak Khaunchana, head of medical physics, recently installed the Radixact System, an innovative radiation therapy device that combines integrated CT imaging with a unique helical delivery platform enabling the delivery of radiation from 360 degrees around the patient. It can target a wide range of tumors, including those in the abdomen, brain, breast, lung and head & neck. Treatment accuracy and precision are achieved through daily 3D image guidance that helps ensure proper patient positioning and accurate dose delivery to the target even when anatomical changes occur.

Sutthisak Kulpisitthicharoen, M.D., radiation oncologist at Lopburi Cancer Hospital, says: “RayStation is easy to use and enables highly accurate treatment planning. We appreciate the multi-criteria optimization functionality, which is fast and gives the planner many possibilities. Contouring is precise and convenient, and the fallback planning feature means we can transfer treatment to an alternative machine if needed, without the need to re-plan. RayStation and Radixact are highly innovative systems, and the combination is excellent, particularly for complex cases.”

Chonthon Phihuasuth, medical physicist at Lopburi Cancer Hospital, says: “Using RayStation and Radixact together improves treatment accuracy. The synergies between these innovations will reduce time both in treatment planning and treatment delivery, as well as increase efficiency. Radixact planning in RayStation enables us to achieve highly conformal dose distributions with lower doses to organs at risk, resulting in effective treatment with fewer complications for patients.”

Johan Löf, founder and CEO of RaySearch, says: “Lopburi Cancer Hospital is a forward-looking center with a commitment to improve care through the latest technology. We are very pleased to support their planning needs for Accuray’s advanced Radixact System. The synergies between the two systems bring great benefits for patients, as well as improving workflow efficiency for the clinic.”

Joshua H. Levine, president and CEO at Accuray, says: “The Lopburi Cancer Hospital is raising the bar for other centers providing radiation therapy treatments. The clinical team’s decision to treat cancer patients using the combination of RayStation and Radixact will expand access to state-of-the-art cancer treatment technologies for the people of Thailand. Together, RayStation and Radixact provide capabilities that align well with the hospital’s goal of delivering the most effective treatments possible.”

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