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First Unique Study of Cost-Comparison of 20 Common Treatments in India

For the first time a government approved study to look at the cost of medical procedures in Karnataka has been conducted by IIM, Bangalore, NABH , AHPI,CAHO, CMC Vellore, the Medical Department of ISRO, the Health and Family Welfare Department of Government of Karnataka, the General Insurance Council of India along with community representatives. The study looks at the actual cost of 20 common procedures carried out in private, non-profit and government hospitals. Most importantly, the costing was done as per clinical pathway endorsed by the respective associations and validated on ground by IIM-B and NABH.

The Government of Karnataka has always been at the forefront, pioneering ways and means of improving the health status of its citizens. The Karnataka Jnana Aayoga  (KJA) through its Task Force on Health has been responsible for carrying out this unique, indicative, systematic and scientific study on procedural costing, in order to understand the actual cost involved in carrying out a set procedure in the hospital empanelled under various Government Health Schemes of Government of India and Government of Karnataka.


The Task Force- sub committee on procedural costing was co-chaired by the Dr P L Natraja, Director of Health, Government of Karnataka.  The technical committee felt that there is a need to approach the issue of costing in a very systematic and scientific manner.

“This is a prototype study based on available data, incorporated into the approved clinical pathway, and aimed at comparing the cost incurred with the reimbursement being made by the Government Schemes,” said Dr Alexander Thomas, Chair of the Committee.

“It is critical that Government and private players work closely to provide quality healthcare cantered around patient safety,that is realistic and sustainable for the scheme.

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