Fischer Medical Ventures, BluSim Tech forge strategic partnership

Aims to revolutionise elderly care globally 

Fischer Medical Ventures (formerly known as Fischer Chemic) with its wholly owned subsidiary –Time Medical International Ventures (India), a leading force in India’s healthcare technology sector and BluSim Tech, a pioneer in real-time monitoring solutions for elderly care, have announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at revolutionising nursing home care globally. 

The collaboration with BluSim Tech marks a significant milestone in Fischer MVL’s journey towards expanding its healthcare portfolio and enhancing its offerings in medical imaging and diagnostics solutions, aiming to redefine healthcare through advanced technologies and unparalleled expertise. 

Ravindran Govindan, CMD, Fischer Medical Ventures, stated, “We are thrilled to hold the exclusive & global rights to market and distribute BluSim Tech products in this huge and growing elder care sector. The strategic partnership marks a new era in healthcare technology, driving innovation and advancing the future of elderly care, where we endeavour to deliver unparalleled value to nursing homes across India and beyond. Our company will continue our vision to invest in cutting-edge technologies with unmet needs, and hold extensive if not full global distribution rights and BluSim is one such company.” 

Dr Gokul M Chinnappan, CEO, BluSim Tech, emphasised the transformative potential of their flagship product, stating, “Our vision is to revolutionise healthcare by developing cutting-edge technologies that prioritise patient well-being and enhance the quality of care. Through our partnership with Fischer MVL, we have more resources to expand our offerings and make our solutions accessible to more healthcare facilities.”



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