Flutura accelerates Lupin to digitally transform operations using AI

Lupin and Flutura will collaborate to create a massive pharmaceutical data lake

Flutura Business Solutions, an industrial IoT intelligence provider, is collaborating with global pharma major Lupin to accelerate its digital transformation and automation journey.


Lupin and Flutura will collaborate to create a massive pharmaceutical data lake as the foundation for configuring digital twins of mission-critical pharmaceutical processes as well as bolt-on battle-tested AI applications at scale that can sense and respond to events in real-time.

A digital data foundation will host data for all of Lupin’s operational processes. Starting with Manufacturing, Quality, and Sales & Marketing functions, it will expand to finance and supply chain functions until all the information converges into a Central Data Lake.

“We were seeking a solution that is scalable and flexible to meet the range of disparate data that needs to be stored, Cerebra was the most suitable choice. Cerebra Analytics’ Work Bench (AWB) can complement our operational experts (citizen data scientists) in a way that will add significant value to our business,” said Narendra Saini, Chief Digital Officer, Lupin.

Flutura will support Lupin in accelerating its AI journey and develop advanced analytics and high-value use cases to uncover actionable insights from the massive data lake. “We like working with visionary customers who are looking to break new barriers in value creation. We were truly inspired when Lupin shared their transformative, yet a pragmatic vision for digitalisation in Lupin,” said Srikanth Muralidhara, Chief Customer Officer at Flutura.


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