Fortis Hospital, Kalyan transforms critical care unit into ‘Centre of Excellence’

Appoints Dr Rahul Pandit, Director-Critical Care, Fortis Hospitals Mumbai & Member of Maharashtra’s COVID-19 task force to lead the Critical Care unit

Fortis Hospital, Kalyan is all set to transform its critical care unit into a ‘Centre of Excellence’ (COE). The hospital has created a blueprint for its transformation process with a special focus on evidence-based protocols, training, and capacity building of critical care specialists.


The hospital has appointed Dr Rahul Pandit, Senior Intensive Care Consultant and Member of Maharashtra’s COVID-19 task force to helm strategic development of the critical care unit. Dr Pandit has enormous experience in designing patient management protocols in critical care settings.

Dr Pandit will play a key role in setting up ICU policies, protocols, and patient care algorithms for the Centre of Excellence. He will also be responsible to design academic programmes for critical care doctors and nurses, at the centre. With Dr Pandit at the helm of the critical care management, the hospital has also initiated post-COVID-19 OPD services. 

 At our Kalyan centre, we have identified areas of upgradation; this includes training and skill upgradation as well. The center of excellence will exponentially improve healthcare delivery leading to better patient care outcomes”, Dr Pandit adds.

Dr Supriya Amey, Facility Director, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan adds, With Dr Pandit at the helm, we would accelerate the existing programme to drive academic programmes and training of staff, implementation of best practice guidelines for patient management, adherence to infection control policies and championing patient care in critical care setting at our CoE. We are also glad that Dr Pandit will be able to offer medical advice to patients seeking post-COVID counselling, at our hospital.” 

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