First Public Medical Milk Bank Launched in Bengaluru by Fortis La Femme

Fortis La Femme (hospital for women & children), Richmond Road in association with the Breast Milk Foundation (BMF), a non-profit organization within the GNS Foundation has recently launched Bengaluru’s first public Human Milk Bank, ‘’Amaara’’ . The centre recognizes that breast milk is the best nutritional food source for infants and should be available to babies deprived of mother’s milk.

Amaara is an initiative in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) Millennium Development Goals of reducing Infant Mortality rate. The WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) recommend that the best feed for a baby who cannot be breastfed, is milk expressed from own mother or from another healthy mother.

Over the last year, Amaara has successfully collected milk from 66 donor mothers and delivered it to 206 vulnerable new born babies across more than 10-12 hospitals in Delhi/NCR.

Anika Parashar, COO, Fortis La Femme said, “We at Fortis La Femme are overwhelmed with the successful launch of Amaara Human Milk Bank in our Bangalore Hospital after Delhi.  We have pioneered a collection system in which a mother can express the milk in the comfort of her home, a carrier from the bank will collect the milk in …

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