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Fujifilm India unveils new range of CT, MRI and ultrasound machines in India

The enhanced portfolio includes the Scenaria View, Supria series, The Echelon Smart and Arietta series

Fujifilm India unveiled a new range of products at the 74th National Annual Conference of IRIA 2022. The latest portfolio includes a plethora of products offering complete and integrated solutions for diagnostic purposes including CT, MRI, X-ray, AI, PACS, endoscopy and ultrasound systems through the Scenaria View, Supria series, The Echelon Smart and Arietta series.


Highlights of Fujifilm’s enhanced portfolio include:

  • Scenaria View (128 slice CT Solution) is a powerful premium performance CT solution that provides dependable routine application capabilities with available advanced clinical modules for Interventional CT, extended coverage Shuttle Scanning (for Perfusion Exams), Cardiac CTA and Dual Energy examinations. The View employs 64 discrete detector and electronics channels over a 40mm detector coverage and reconstructs up to 128-slices per scan rotation.
  • Supria (32/128 CT Solution) is an evolved CT device, employing latest technologies such as whole-body sub-millimeter imaging and dose reduction technologies. It provides lower dose and high-quality images and is capable of imaging in various patient positions reducing the overall scanning burden on patients. 
  • The Echelon Smart (1.5T Superconductive MRI) is based on Fujifilm’s proprietary technology, and opened the potential for 1.5T systems, providing superb image quality and superior install flexibility, inherited from permanent-magnet MRI systems. It comes with noise reduction technology for a patient-friendly examination.
  • The ARIETTA (Series of Ultrasound) is designed to provide high quality imaging across a broad clinical range that includes abdominal, cardiac, and vascular applications. It has been developed with cutting edge technology for enhanced accuracy and safety to transform ultrasound diagnosis.

Koji Wada, MD, Fujifilm India, said, “Fujifilm has demonstrated the ability to be a leader in technical advancement and scientific innovation through its newest products and services lineup. Now, millions of individuals will have access to the most precise and accurate medical imaging and screening. This is a significant milestone for Fujifilm and its future growth. Today, we are stronger as a team, and our goal is to maximise the patients’ benefits with these new portfolio synergies. In the realm of prevention and diagnostics, our goal is to become a market leader and the number one comprehensive partner for the Indian healthcare community.”

Chander Shekhar Sibal, Senior VP, Medical Division, Fujifilm India said, “As a leader in imaging technologies, we strive to ‘Never Stop’ providing the most cutting-edge technologies and solutions that not only improve image quality and workflow, but also focus on the patient’s overall well-being. Through our new launches, we aim to boost the diagnostic market and empower medical imaging information across the entire healthcare industry, keeping in mind the obstacles that a hospital experiences every day in diagnostics and imaging services.”

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