GeneStore France announces the availability of the world’s most affordable and effective Covid testing kit “GeneStore Detection Expert” (rRT PCR Kit)

GeneStore Detection Expert priced at INR 199, detects SARS CoV2 in under one hour delivering a 100% accurate result with an exceptional sensitivity and specificity.

Mumbai, September 9th, 2020: GeneStore France, a global leader in the healthcare diagnostic and research sector announces the “GeneStore Detection Expert” an rRT PCR kit for the detection of SARS CoV2. Headed out of Provence France, GeneStore is an enterprise driven genomics company with a global footprint. With two manufacturing facilities based in France and India, GeneStore can deliver over 2 million tests kits per month from its Facility in India. Orders for test kits can be made through the company’s website

The “GeneStore Détection Expert”, is a ‘One Step’ Real Time Reverse Transcription PCR Kit for Qualitative Detection of SARS CoV 2, intended for professional use only. The “GeneStore Détection Expert” kit is locally produced in both France and India, with raw materials developed in the company’s French manufacturing facilities ensuring highest international standards of production. The rRT PCR Kit is also the most affordable test kit globally priced at INR 199. Additionally, the rRT PCR Kit detects SARS CoV2 in under 1 hour delivering a 100% accurate result with an exceptional sensitivity and specificity. The kit was launched in India in July 2020 and is already being used to screen 40% of clinical samples being screened by private diagnostic laboratories in India.


The “GeneStore Détection Expert” kit enjoys an ICMR approval for the Indian market and a CNR approval for the French market. The Indian manufacturing facilities enjoy a DCGI as well as ISO 13485:2016 certification for manufacturing in India. 

“The cost of the GeneStore Detection Expert ® at INR 199 is in line with India’s national mission of enabling affordable and low-cost testing for COVID-19. The solution has been developed to support public and private laboratories to ramp up testing in combination with automation. We have passed on the entire cost benefit enabled by our Company’s reverse integration into its supply chain to our customers. It is due to our consistent quality across the delivery of lakhs of test kits that all of India’s largest diagnostic laboratories in the private sector have shifted to using GeneStore’s RT PCR test kits” commented Mr. Anubhav Anusha, Global CEO and R&D Head – GeneStore.

“Mass testing is key to fight the CoronaVirus in India, and GeneStore has successfully delivered a highly cost-effective solution, consistent in quality, and at power in sensitivity to the leading ICMR approved RT PCR test kits for COVID 19 in India” said Dr. Yoginder Pal Singh, Head of Department of Molecular Biology for India’s largest diagnostic laboratory in the private sector.

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