Global Hospital successfully treats 11-year-old Kurdistani boy with a rare spinal cord disorder

~After limping for almost all his life, 11-year-old Kurdistani boy Goran Shakhawan will be able to walk properly~

~’’ The patient treated with the complex spinal microsurgery, will recover faster with physiotherapy,” says Dr. Suresh Sankhla~

Mumbai: A rare spinal cord tumor forced 11-year-old Goran Shakhawan from Kurdistan, to limp for most of his life. After, undergoing surgery at Global Hospital, Parel, the patient will be able to walk properly now and can resume normal activities like the children of his age. Surgery, along with physiotherapy and rehabilitation will help him recover faster and achieve correction of his spinal deformity in the next few months.


Goran was 5-years-old when his mother noticed that he was limping and has developed scoliosis and shortening of his left leg. With the help of further investigations at the local hospital, a spinal cord tumor was diagnosed. However, due to the lack of specialized pediatric neurosurgery facilities in Kurdistan, the patient was referred to Global Hospital, Parel, in June 2019 for further management.

Dr. Suresh Sankhla, HOD- Neurosurgery, Global Hospital, Parel who performed the surgery successfully on Goran at the Global hospital, said, “The patient had a large internal spinal cord tumor which was extending along the whole length of the spinal cord – a rare condition responsible for his leg weakness and scoliosis. He added, “The patient underwent surgery for removal of the tumor (under intraoperative USG and neuromonitoring guidance), and laminoplasty on 26th June 2019. He had an uneventful recovery after surgery and was discharged from the hospital after 5 days.

Patient, Goran, said, “I could walk, and do daily activities like other children of my age. But, I was disheartened as they were taller than me. They would walk properly, and I would limp. I always dreamt of being able to walk properly without limping. And I thank Global Hospital, for turning my dream into reality. I have been told by the doctors that within a few months, I will be able to get rid of scoliosis, stand on my feet, and live life the way I wanted to. I am keen on starting a new inning of my life.”

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