Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd inaugurates the First Private Comprehensive Cancer Centre in East Africa

Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd, the largest provider of cancer care in India, extended their growing presence in the global market, by launching the first private comprehensive cancer centre in Kenya in association with Cancer Care Kenya and MP Shah Hospital. HCG CCK Cancer Centre will be providing high quality and comprehensive cancer care services. With this investment HCG becomes the first Indian private healthcare organisation to invest in cancer care in the African Continent.

“We are committed in creating accessible cancer care across India and Africa. With the inauguration of HCG CCK Cancer Care in Kenya, we have now created access to the most comprehensive and dedicated cancer centre in the region. As the specialists in cancer care, HCG stands for accessibility, high-end technology and quality with measurable outcomes. This partnership is a major step forward in our mission to make high quality cancer care accessible to all,” said Dr. BS Ajaikumar – Chairman and CEO – HCG Enterprises Ltd.


Kenya sees over 40,000 new cancer cases every year but due to lack of precise treatments, cancer claims close to 20,000 lives every year. The lack of resources and basic infrastructure also means that a lot of cancer patients travel long distances for basic treatment for a better outcome. It is seen that preventive measures in the region are inadequate and hence there is insufficient population awareness of the existence of cancer as a disease, of its cancer’s risk factors and of the modalities for prevention and cure of cancer.

Dinesh Madhavan, Director, HCG Africa said, “HCG has partnered with CCK to fulfill the need of high-end technology and best of expertise which was lacking in the region. With the introduction of the most advanced comprehensive cancer centre in the region we are committed to ensure that patients now have a better chance to win over cancer.” Dr N Adamali, Director, Cancer Care Kenya Limited said, “The launch of HGG-CCK is indeed a great occasion and a dream come true for the people of Kenya. Our Partnership with HCG, India’s largest cancer Care Network ensures that we can offer the highest quality of cancer care with employing a multi-disciplinary team of oncologists and further investment in advanced technologies. Our aim is to stem the flow of patients to other countries for cancer treatment.”

Dr. Manoj Shah, Chairman, MP Shah Hospital said, “The whole idea to partner with Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd is to provide comprehensive cancer treatment not only to the people of Kenya but our surrounding countries as well. As cancer cases are on a rise in the region, with the launch of HCG CCK, citizens can avail the best of the treatments in terms of technology and expertise. This launch will also increase public awareness of early signs and symptoms of cancers should increase the detection of these diseases at earlier stages when there are more effective options for treatment leading to better diagnosis.”

To address the growing need for expertise and quality medical services in Eastern Africa, HCG CC Cancer Centre will be offering cancer care with multi-disciplinary approach through  specialist doctors  in Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncology and a team of experienced clinicians .

The cancer center is equipped with Linac for radiation therapy which is more effective in treating the specific cancer without the side effects of damaging the healthy tissue. The linear accelerator can also be used for other types of procedures such as 3D CRT and IMRT.

Along with Linac, the centre also includes Palliative Care, Chemo-therapy, Nursing care, Psycho Therapy and Post treatment Patient Support Systems. The centre will be further introducing technologies like 10 Channel Brachy Therapy, PET CT, Tomotherapy H and TrueBeam STx for advanced cancer treatment. Offering comprehensive services across diagnosis and treatment, HCG CCK Cancer Centre would effectively be raising the bar for cancer care in the region and will follow internationally proven quality protocols and processes.


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