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HealthCube partners with Samsung for anaemia tests

Samsung’s device will give access to HealthCube’s EsDx app for managing patient data in a quicker, reliable, and secure way

HealthCube, a point-of-care technology-enabled diagnostics service provider, has partnered with Samsung to enable blood tests for school students under the government’s Anaemia Mukt Bharat initiative. This is in line with the government’s efforts towards powering digital India and access to e-healthcare.


HealthCube works towards making diagnosis simple and hassle-free in rural areas. The technology will aid them in collecting a large amount of data from the field which could be stored with acute security. With the help of Samsung’s device, HealthCube will be able to collect a large amount of data from the field which can be retrieved locally. The multi-functional tab has made the process of data collection and recording instant and its big-screen helps the on-field record data from the screening easily. Unique patient records can be created instantly, using the tablet’s high-resolution camera.

Aided by Samsung’s technology, HealthCube can store and upload the unique records of the patient on the cloud which can then be immediately shared with/by the healthcare workers. The GPS feature on the tab helps in tracking the location of operators and beneficiaries in real-time ensuring their safety.

Dr Ramanan Laxminarayan, Founder, HealthCube, said, “HealthCube is enabling the screening of haemoglobin levels in school children and our data is stored on the ExDx app installed on Galaxy Tab A. The device’s features including a bigger display, battery life, and security are what makes it compatible with HealthCube’s technology as well. We are happy to partner with Samsung for this initiative and ensure that every child can look at a brighter future without conditions like anaemia.”

Adding further, Akash Saxenaa, Senior Director, Enterprise Sales, Samsung India, said, “Samsung collaborated with HealthCube to provide a time-saving and cost-effective real-time diagnosis to rural patients. Enabled by Galaxy Tab A, healthcare workers with access to HealthCube’s EzDx app could manage patient data in a quick, easy and secure manner. Samsung is proud to be the technological partner for HealthCube’s noble initiative.”

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