HLM acquires 100% stakes in Care24

In an all cash deal, HLM and Care24 will work in tandem to deepen the medical service offerings in India

Care24, a leading home healthcare platform operating in Mumbai and Delhi, has been acquired by Human Life Management (HLM), a leading Japanese home medical support corporation. HLM, led by Yoshiki Sasaki, which has been a prime investor in Care24 from the past two years and holds multiple businesses in healthcare and other sectors. Care24 will extend its robust service delivery and agile technology platform for HLM and will cater to the evolving healthcare needs of the customers.


Post the acquisition, HLM and Care24 will closely work together to scale and strengthen medical service offerings in India and additionally expand to other southeast countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia using Yushoukai’s deep medical expertise and Care24’s superior software development and technology capabilities. HLM will also play a pivotal role in launching new medical offerings for Care24 in the Indian market, like the end of life care, critical care at home, family doctor subscription service, doctor on call, implementation of the care plan and Training of doctors along with training materials. While Care24 will expand its service offerings across multiple states in India, HLM and Care24 will begin operations internationally under the label of ‘Care24 international’ in aforesaid countries through a JV with a local medical service provider.

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