Honeywell launches RTHMS 

The software improves real-time and remote patient monitoring

Honeywell announced the launch of its Real-Time Health Monitoring System (RTHMS), a smart edge-to-cloud communication platform for remote and real-time monitoring of patients that acts as a bridge between caregiver and patient. The offering integrates hardware and software to improve care delivery, enhance healthcare worker productivity, and enable process efficiency. By digitising and automating critical tasks, RTHMS can reduce hospital administrative tasks by 35 per cent. 


RTHMS uses advanced sensing technology to capture the vital parameters of patients in real-time and transmit them to a comprehensive health analytics dashboard. This can be accessed by authorised personnel over the Internet or through Honeywell’s care communication platform, a mobile application for caregivers. This edge-to-cloud system also generates alerts in real-time should there be any deviation in patients’ vital signs against acceptable or normal ranges.

Developed by HTS engineers in India, RTHMS includes hardware and software. The hardware comprises a wristband that monitors SPO2 and a disposable, wearable biosensor patch with a QR code placed on the patient’s chest, which records other vitals such as ECG, respiratory rate, heart rate, skin temperature and posture of the patient. The caregiver can scan the QR code and monitor patients in real-time or remotely on a dashboard placed at the nursing station. 

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