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How ISRO’s Operational Competencies improved critical care medicine in India

Story of an endeavor to incorporate the best quality practices of ISRO in emergency medicine and critical care medicine

What has Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) got to do with healthcare delivery in India? And we are not talking about Telemedicine. Every time ISRO successfully puts up a satellite in space there is all round jubilation. But one forgets that this success is a cumulative effect of various departments who do not leave any room for error.

In the same way, a successful healthcare delivery system should have no room for error, but this is not always the case. The effectiveness of the healthcare delivery system depends on complex and varying interplay of several factors, making it vulnerable to a high incidence of errors. Data from developed countries show that nine out of every 100 patients who are hospitalized encounter medical error related events.

Association of Healthcare Providers is working towards minimising such errors. “Studies show that 5.2 million medical errors are happening in India annually,” said Dr Alexander Thomas, President, (AHPI). “Maintaining quality and developing protocols for error free healthcare delivery is one way of solving this problem,” He added.

With this aim in mind Dr Thomas met Dr K …

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