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How Swiss Pharma Distribution is Changing Supply Chain Management

A boutique company with the vision to grow naturally and steadily is making waves in the international pharmaceutical distribution market. One of the oldest pharmacies in Switzerland, Pharma Distribution, a family business, has its roots in the heart of thriving pharmaceutical manufacturing region in Switzerland. Pharma Distribution GmbH, traces its origin to an 18th century pharmacy in Basel. Since then the company has seen many generations of pharmacists, and their collective efforts have established the present form of the company as a leading pharmacy and distribution company not only in Switzerland but also across Europe. The centuries old business reflects the passion that runs in the veins of this family.

The company has seen a lot of changes over the years and presently consists of pharmacies and export business divisions. Recently in 2016, the business was passed on to Dr Pasqualine Gallacchi and Anne Kieffer. Dr Gallacchi has a vision to take the export business of Pharma Distribution international. “Our expertise in import and export business makes us strong. Our outstanding and high quality standards, supplier reliability and our know-how since three generations make the difference to our competitors,” says Dr Gallacchi.


It is well known that pharma distributors across the globe are the last mile connection between the manufacturer and the customer. Their job is difficult as they have to navigate through highly complex regulatory environment at different locations and yet make sure that their customers and sites of care are not left without medications. 

Pharma Distribution GmbH is an exceptional logistic partner. “We import and export most kinds of pharmaceutical products from and to countries worldwide, such as unlicensed or overseas licensed products,” says Dr Gallacchi. The company also works to source out of stock medical supplies and helps meet market shortages. Pharma Distribution also takes care of emergency medicine distribution and named patients medicines. 

In addition, the company holds authorizations for import and export of controlled substances (narcotics), cool chain products and unlicensed medicines or veterinary products. Highlighting one of its USPs Dr Gallacchi explains, “If a customer requests for urgent products, we supply promptly, i.e. in the shortest possible delivery time.” So, this helps the customer to get easy access to their regular drug and the care cycle is not compromised. 

For example, orphan drugs are not easily accessible to patients with rare disease in their respective countries. Even though a number of orphan drugs are approved by regulators in these countries not many retailers keep these drugs; the reason being that these pharma products are not in high demand and can be very expensive. For such customers Pharma Distribution can make these orphan medicinal products available quickly. According to some estimates there are about 70 million rare disease patients in India and yet timely access to orphan drugs is a grave issue. 

In fact, Pharma Distribution helps to maximize the access of pharmaceutical products across the world. It helps to make branded high-cost speciality products less expensive because it can supply and deliver products inexpensively and faster. 

“Our team is well versed in import-export business, such as sourcing products, consolidating orders and organising shipments,” says Dr Gallacchi. Pharma Distribution is a reliable partner for Swiss as well as foreign customers because the company provides reliable service throughout Europe and across other continents. The highly trained staff at Pharma Distribution has sophisticated knowledge of GDP regulations. “Our company is regularly visited by Swiss authorities, i.e. Swissmedic and we hold an impeccable regulatory track record,” shares Dr Gallacchi. “We offer very close customer support and are proud of our longstanding and robust relationships with our clients and suppliers,” she adds.

Pharma Distribution has a very strong presence in Switzerland and other European nations. As the next step, the company is looking to conquer new markets in the coming years. “We expect to grow gradually in new markets like India,” reveals Dr Gallacchi. “We are looking to partner with local business to establish the excellence of Pharma Distribution in India and other South-East Asian countries,” she says.

Dr Gallacchi and her team are working towards this goal and are open to creating a pool of suppliers to work with in these geographies. Interested parties can connect with Dr Gallacchi through her email.

There is ample opportunity for Pharma Distribution to grow and spread its wings as the market is underserved. Slow and steady wins the race and Pharma Distribution is well on its way to win as it is the most reliable operator in the ever changing pharmacy market.

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