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How Switzerland is leading Innovation going forward

Author: Sebastien Hug, CEO & Consul General, Swissnex India;

Author:  Sebastien Hug, CEO & Consul General, Swissnex India; Maitree Dasgupta, Head of University Partnerships, Swissnex India; Alexandra Allet, Project Manager, University Partnerships, Swissnex India

Switzerland has a long and proven track record as a leader in the field of healthcare technologies. Emerged originally out of the industrial revolution, the pharmaceutical industry has evolved since the mid-20th century to become a central pillar of Switzerland’s economy and as a world leading hub for innovation of pharmaceutical products and processes. Not surprisingly, the pharma sector is one of the biggest R&D spenders and contributes significantly to the fact that Switzerland is among the countries with the highest R&D expenses as a percentage of the GDP, that is, 3.4 per cent versus a OECD average of 2.4 per cent.

Proven Track Record

But big pharma is not the only piece of Switzerland’s healthtech landscape puzzle. Numerous Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) drive innovation especially in the Medtech and Biotech sector, and create a vibrant and tightly-knit eco-system. In fact, Switzerland is home to around 1,350 medical technology companies and thereby has the highest concentration of Medtech enterprises in Europe.

With respect to Biotech, Switzerland in fact gave birth to one of …

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