Hyd-based pharma co Austrak launches nephrology and urology division

To manufacture 73 valued products in the segment

Indian pharmaceutical company, Austrak based in Hyderabad, Telangana, launched its new super speciality division to focus on around 73 valued products in nephrology and urology. With a strong presence in the segment of ophthalmology for the last 12 years, Austrak is one of the leading innovation-driven healthcare group, whose core businesses are pharmaceuticals and surgical. Austrak aims to supply products and services that significantly improve people’s lives by helping to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.


Speaking on the occasion, Vittal – Chairman Austrak said that, quality is the prime focus at Austrak. All our products are manufactured in WHO / GMP standard manufacturing plants and all facilities meet CGMP standards. In line with our ambitious growth plans, we are launching our nephrology and urology division. This division focuses on around 73 valued products in the segment. We aim to develop and market high-quality speciality, therapeutic and medical products to cure critical illnesses like chronic kidney disease (CKD) and urology-related ailments with their high prevalence, morbidity and mortality and ease sufferings.”

He added, “We aspire to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies that made advanced health care affordable and accessible for the masses in every corner of India. We aim to develop and market high-quality speciality, therapeutic and medical products to cure critical illnesses and ease suffering. Large numbers of patients below the poverty line, low gross domestic product, and low monetary allocations for health care have led to suboptimal outcomes. Moreover, CKD, urinary problems and other non-communicable diseases have often been ignored in the face of persistent challenges due to competition for resources of communicable diseases and high infant and maternal mortality. The principal contribution of Austrak private limited to the society is to continue commuting substantial resources to long term strategy of discovering and getting innovative products that improve the quality of human life.”
Our products and services make it possible for patients to receive prompt and effective treatment tailored to their requirements. By helping patients to avoid or shorten costly hospital stays, they help to reduce the overall cost of healthcare for individuals and society.

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