IAS launches Indian Ligament Registry

The registry is a pan-India, surgeon-initiated clinical database, created with the purpose of monitoring and improving the quality of ligament surgeries in India

Indian Arthroscopy Society (IAS) has launched Indian Ligament Registry (ILR). ILR is an initiative of the Indian Arthroscopy Society which is the official national organisation for arthroscopy surgeons. The society has an ever-growing list of active & associate members, now numbering over 3,000. The Society is best known for its extraordinary work of nurturing and training young arthroscopic surgeons across India. The registry is a pan-India, surgeon-initiated clinical database, created with the purpose of monitoring and improving the quality of ligament surgeries in India. Through the Registry, IAS aims to support improved clinical outcomes, patient safety and academic research.

ILR is capable of capturing all vital patient data before, during & after the surgery using a standardised ‘click & go’ form in a secured Internet portal. ILR has been developed by leading experts in the field and validated by eminent surgeons throughout the country. ILR has been technically commissioned and supported by NEC Software Solutions (NEC), a UK-headquartered company that operates some of the world’s biggest healthcare registries.

ILR has been tested with a pilot programme involving more than 100 surgeons and is now being rolled out across India. This is expected to benefit many thousands of surgeons who undertake ligament surgeries and millions of future patients.

Dr IPS Oberoi, President of the Society and Senior Arthroscopy Surgeon, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, said that the launch of this registry marks a new era in Indian Arthroscopy, he also urged every member of the society to use this platform to register their surgical cases. Dr Oberoi said within next year the ILR Registry will have a large amount of data flowing in from all IAS members, making it one of the world’s largest Arthroscopy Registry and paving the way for exemplary research publications from India.

Prof Arumugam, the Chairman of the Registry Committee and Senior Arthroscopy surgeon at Center for Sports Science, Sri Ramachandra Medical Center, Chennai, detailed the journey of the Indian Ligament Registry which started in 2018 & how it was conceived, conceptualised and attained its current stage over a period of three to four years of hard work, amidst the corona pandemic. He also thanked the previous office bearers for their support and explained the working of the registry to the audience.

Mike Swanson from NEC Software Solutions, UK shared his experiences on various other registries they are a part of across the world and also shared vital inputs of data security & information safety governance in ILR.

Senior Arthroscopy Surgeons from across India: Dr Nicholas Antao, Dr Parag Sancheti, Dr IPS Oberoi, Dr Sachin Tapasvi, Dr Milind Pimprikar & Dr Vinay Pandey who were part of the soft launch; shared their registry experiences.

Dr Milind Pimprikar, Senior Arthroscopy and Orthopedic Surgeon from Nashik said that the ‘click & go’ registry is a great way to input the case record he also added that this will not only serve as his personal surgical log but also benefit society as a whole when the aggregated data turns out to be large-scale research publication that every IAS member can be proud of. ILR is a very simple to use solution for the surgeons and it will take only a few minutes to enter each case record.

Dr Vinay Pandey, the Senior Arthroscopy Doctor from Varanasi, expressed how easy the registry was & it only took him three to five minutes to input patient data.

Dr Sundararajan, Secretary of IAS and Senior Arthroscopy Doctor from Ganga Hospital Coimbatore delivered the vote of thanks.


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