In-Med Prognostics launches cloud-based Clinical Decision Support Tool for neurological disorders

Pune: In-Med Prognostics, a health tech company developing AI based brain health diagnostic and prognostic tools, launched NEUROShield, a cloud-based Clinical Decision Support Tool for neurological disorders. The hospitals and clinics deploying this technology stand to benefit as it leverages clinical decision support mechanisms to take early calls for preventive health. The analysis of NEUROShield enables actionable, quantitative, objective decision making to the neuro-physicians for differential diagnosis. The NeuroShield technology uses pattern recognition and deep learning for the development of clinical biomarkers for early prognosis and differential diagnosis.

In-med Prognostics, incorporated in early 2018, is committed to bringing affordable, accessible, reliable and data-driven brain health diagnostics and prognostics tools to India and other emerging markets. Their team has experts in Medical Image Analysis, Deep Learning, and Bio-Medical Engineering. The consultants and Scientific Advisory Board of In-Med Prognostics have experts from the field, including some of India’s Leading Neuro-Physicians, Radiologists and Psychiatrists.

Early last year, the company received a Biotechnology Ignition Grant of Rs. 50 lakhs for a duration of 18 months from the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) that was used to develop technology that will label, visualize, and quantify the volumes of brain structures using 3D MRI images. Also, they were recognized globally as one of the top 50 health care companies around the world by International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH).

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