Incidences of Prostate Cancer Rising in Rural India Shows Data from Cancer Registries

Registry data clearly indicates rising cases of Prostate Cancer (PCa) among rural populace and experts are of the view that advanced treatment, drugs and technologies need to be made available them. “There is an urgent need to create awareness about prostate cancer threat amongst the rural populace”, expressed Prof (Dr) Anup Kumar, Head of Department, Urology and Renal Transplant, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College (VMMC) and Safdarjung Hospital. Majority of the metastatic CA prostate cases are coming from rural areas.

The Registry at Safdarjung Hospital, where registered cases of patients in OPD exceeds 1 lac every month, reveals that out of 1 lac, 20% are prostate cancer patients, 40% are clinically localized, 30% are locally advanced and 30% are metastatic prostate cancer. The Registry reveals that PCa incident is increasing in India. Earlier, 80% cases were metastatic and rests were only 20% and most of the metastatic CA prostate cases are from rural areas.

The data shows that almost all regions of India are equally affected by this cancer. The incidence rates of this cancer are constantly and rapidly increasing in all the Population Based Cancer Registries (PBRCs). The cancer projection data shows that the number of cases will become doubled …

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