Indegene joins The Metaverse Standards Forum

To foster interoperability within healthcare-contextualised open metaverse standards

Indegene, a technology-led healthcare solutions provider, announced that it joined The Metaverse Standards Forum to foster interoperability within healthcare-contextualized open metaverse standards.


The Metaverse Standards Forum brings together leading standards organisations and companies for industry-wide cooperation on interoperability standards needed to build the open metaverse. Hosted by Khronos Group, the forum’s founding members include Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, Adobe, Alibaba, Epic Games, Unity, the World Web Consortium, and the XR Association (XRA). Indegene joined the forum as a Principal Member.

The metaverse is poised as the next generation of the internet with major evolutionary steps in immersion, social interaction, and human-machine interfaces. Patients, physicians, payers and other healthcare stakeholders will all be participants in the connected metaverse, so leveraging this channel is a priority for healthcare organisations accelerating their digital transformation journey.

Factoring healthcare information privacy, portability, and interoperability within the metaverse standards has the potential to enable better patient outcomes through innovations in medical education, remote diagnostics, medical congresses, simulations, and patient support programmes.

Open standards enable consistency across multiple metaverse implementations and can make the technology pervasive across a wide array of demographics. Indegene will contribute its knowledge of the healthcare industry’s information standards and their portability for consideration in the overall metaverse standards being worked on by The Metaverse Standards Forum and its members. Indegene’s experience in the utility of standards within real-world life sciences use cases will provide significant value in this effort.

Announcing the membership, Tarun Mathur, CTO, Indegene said, “As a digital-first partner, we take pride in enabling healthcare organisations to be future ready. The metaverse can significantly change the way healthcare organisations engage and empower their community of patients, physicians, payers and drug and medical device manufacturers. Through our contribution to The Metaverse Standards Forum, we look forward to accelerating the adoption of the enterprise-scale metaverse and building an immersive experience for the healthcare community.”

Indegene is also hosting a panel discussion on the metaverse at its thought leadership conference, Indegene Digital Summit on September 22 and 23, 2022. Early metaverse adopters and visionary thinkers from the life sciences industry will share their thoughts on mastering the metaverse and building a scalable, immersive experience in this session.


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