Doctors Day: Doctors Are Our Real Heroes

Becoming a doctor is a personal achievement, becoming a good doctor is a continuous challenge

Doctors Day, 2020 is dedicated to the innumerable doctors who are serving during Covid-19 pandemic in the primary and secondary care setups as well as the dedicated Covid-19 care hospitals.

In India, July 1 is marked as National Doctors’ Day to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.


Indian Medical Association

Indian Medical Association gave a clarion call to reduce the mortality drastically by active intervention. The theme of this year’s Doctors Day is ‘Lessen the mortality of COVID 19’. “Doctors Day, 2020 is of special importance. As several parts of the country enter stage 3 of the COVID 19 epidemic, patient care, patient safety and therapeutics take central stage. It is a role that only clinicians can play. After months of lock down, flattening the curve, unlock and life less numbers, we are into a situation where the clinicians should take charge. The leadership of the situation clearly belongs to us and Doctors Day 2020 is the right occasion to remind ourselves of the fact. Every member of IMA and the local branch should take a lead in the local area and bring about a change in the situation,” IMA wrote to its members, earlier this month.

Gratitude Galore

The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind and Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu thanked doctors in a series of tweets. The President Tweeted, “We express our gratitude to the doctors for their selfless service in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The nation admires and salutes your professionalism and sacrifice in the service of fellow citizens.

Prime Minister, Modi also tweeted to express his gratitude. He said, “India salutes our doctors- exceptional care givers who are at the forefront of a spirited fight against COVID-19.”

Congratulating the doctors on National Doctors’ Day, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare said, “Becoming a doctor is a personal achievement, becoming a good doctor is a continuous challenge. It is the only profession where one can earn their daily bread and serve the entire humanity at the same time.” He expressed deep gratitude for their selfless service during the COVID pandemic. They are our real heroes, he said.

Industry leaders paid respect

Doctors are blessed with the magical powers to treat a life, to bring health into our lives and to be there with us when we lose hope. Today, at great personal risk doctors are working for our wellbeing. This #NationalDoctorsDay let us commit to doing our bit in making life easier for them.-Dr Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group

This year it is even more special to wish our heroes of healthcare who work tirelessly to keep us healthy n safe. – Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Executive Chairperson, Biocon Limited

I pay my heartfelt tribute to every doctor, nurse, support staff who are all front line warriors  across the country and are working tirelessly at this time of pandemic for total care of the patients and keep the country safe. As citizens of the country it is our duty to encourage & whole heartedly support every healthcare professional who are working relentlessly round the clock to mitigate the pandemic situation. At Medica Group we are working hand in hand with both the Central and respective State Governments to serve & treat patients and help in the process of rebuilding the nation.- Dr Alok Roy, Chair FICCI Health Services Committee & Chairman of Medica Group of Hospitals

This time the usual exuberance around the Doctor’s Day celebration is missing because Healthcare workers across the globe are busy fighting an invisible enemy. We are proud to see an overwhelming number of Doctors and paramedics volunteering to work in COVID areas contrary to our belief. Not that, they are not afraid, but they want to overcome their fears to serve humanity. COVID team members include those with toddlers, or elders at home but this does not deter from responding to the call of their duty. And what motivates them to continue is the smile on their face, when a ventilated patient manages to go home.  On this Doctor’s Day, we hope and pray, this pandemic recedes soon so that we can celebrate the next Doctor’s Day with the usual fanfare.- Dr Hardik Ajmera- Deputy Medical Director, Saifee Hospital


Most of health care is far too distracted by the global pandemic of COVID-19. These are difficult times, professionally and personally. Doctors are in the thick of this pandemic, fighting from the front and performing their duties untiringly. Separated from their families—children, spouses, aging parents—indefinitely, moving into separate quarters, so they don’t bring the contagion home.

On this Doctor’s Day, I wish to thank all of my physician colleagues for their commitment, their sacrifices, their risk, their resolve, and their unwavering, seemingly infinite reservoir of courage. I would also encourage all doctors to take care of themselves, and look out for each other and seek help when they need it. Happy Doctor’s Day!  – Dr Shivani Sabharwal, Medical Director, Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital

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