India Needs to Increase Bariatric Surgeons Tenfold: IAGES

The Indian Association of Gastro Intestinal Endo-Surgeons (IAGES) is organising the 2nd Fellowship program in bariatric and metabolic surgery. About 150 surgeons will be in attendance, to be trained by the top bariatric surgeons in the country, such as Dr. Pradeep Chaubey, Dr.Ramen GoelDr. Sanjay Borude, Dr,Lakdawala, Dr.Jayshree Todkar, Dr.Narwaria etc. Internationally acclaimed surgeons Dr Mal Fobi(USA), DrMichel Gagner(Canada), Dr K Mannur(UK) and Dr Luc Lemmens(Belgium) are also expected to share their knowledge. 

Being put together by Dr.Ramen Goel, Director Bariatric and Metabolic surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals, the FALS program is an eagerly awaited annual event. Dr.Goel shared, “ To be eligible to attend the Fellowship program, you need a minimum of 6 years experience post your MS. The three day training program, is followed by an exam, a viva and those who clear are conferred a fellowship(FALS)”

The program has immense credibility on two counts- there is no other post graduate program available in bariatric surgery and 80 percent of senior bariatric surgeons already have the FALS certificate.

The program therefore shows strong intent on the part of 7000-member strong IAGES to train and certify future bariatric surgeons of India. In 2016, Max Hospital, Delhi had organised the FALS program and 38 surgeons had been certified.

Dr.Goel adds, “There are only 400 bariatric surgeons in India, who do 15000 surgeries per year, as against 3000 surgeons in the US who do 2 lac surgeries per year. India has 8 million morbidly obese and 60 million diabetics.  Put together, thats the population of the United Kingdom. For relieving those with morbid obesity and also for diabetes remission, we need much more well trained surgeons.” 

 The association hopes to certify at least 120 surgeons this year.


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