India Will Lead the Next Generation of Disruptive Innovation in Machine Learning

Google Fostering the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ecosystem in India

Google India recently organised a bootcamp at their Bangalore campus, to bring together a cross section of the AI and ML community in India.

“Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve people’s lives in profound ways — from helping diagnose diseases and breaking down language barriers to making businesses more efficient. And we’re just at the beginning of what’s possible. We believe that ultimately, AI will help tackle huge challenges like healthcare, environmental protection and other social and developmental problems, while also spurring innovation for businesses and developers,” said Anand Rangarajan, Engineering Directors at Google India. “The opportunity is huge and not constrained by location – a company in  Bangalore or Gurgaon could serve the whole world. In fact, a recent report by Accenture concluded that India, by embracing AI technologies could add nearly $1 trillion to its GDP by 2035,” he added. India already has some of the key ingredients to become a major force in leading the next generation of disruptive innovation in machine learning (ML): a tech-savvy talent pool, renowned universities, healthy levels of entrepreneurship and strong corporations. This does however require for the whole ecosystem, be it government, industry professionals, academia or the developer community to …

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