Indian Academy of Paediatrics releases guidelines for regular vaccination drive

IAP urges paediatricians to be proactive while dealing with vaccine-preventable diseases

Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) has launched an updated set of rules on child immunisation for the first time after the covid pandemic. COVID-19 saw the Covid vaccination drive in a robust mode, however, regular vaccinations suffered a jolt. As a consequence of the fall in regular vaccination drives, there occurred a surge in other vaccine-preventable diseases like measles which were previously very well controlled in states such as Maharashtra and Kerala. Ignorance and negligence regarding any standard vaccination will cause a backlash.


On this occasion, IAP also launched its first book on standardised treatment guidelines for 150 conditions and guidelines on common childhood illnesses. The books were released by Dr YK Amdekar, a veteran in the field of Paediatrics, who while releasing the book said, “Immunisation is a proven tool for controlling and even eradicating the disease. A successful immunization program is of particular relevance to India, as a significant number of deaths are attributable to vaccine-preventable diseases. There is no doubt that substantial progress has been achieved in India with the wider use of vaccines, resulting in the prevention of several diseases. I urge all my paediatrician friends present here to keep their dedication and commitment towards the IAP as we continue to contribute to children’s health in India.” 

In addition , IAP also released a manual for standardising treatment for 150 common conditions affecting child health.

Dr Remesh Kumar R, President of the Indian Academy Of Paediatrics (IAP) said, “We have launched updated guidelines regarding regular vaccination drives and even covid vaccination. The aim is to boost the vaccination drive and update the IAP members who are Child health specialists to emphasise the strengthening of the vaccination and immunisation system after the covid pandemic. Another main objective is to rationalise the prescription practice of paediatricians on a common front. For example; if a patient is detected with a particular illness, the treatment chosen will be antibiotics or other drugs. The treatment should stand on one platform and not vary from one doctor to another. And apart from infections, treatment guidelines for autism, poisoning, drowning etc also need to be standardised.”

Dr Remesh added, “This is the first book wherein the IAP has standardised treatment protocols for 150 conditions. Now, there will be better quality of treatment and a better outcome for children. This can lead to better utilisation of government and non-government resources, budget, and human resources. The guidelines will be set to make the practice more ethical, rational, and justifiable in a uniform way. The treatment approaches to illnesses are mentioned briefly in a bulleted format to be followed easily. There won’t be any difference of opinion among the members when it comes to immunisation. The immunisation book will be distributed free of cost to all paediatricians, at the doorstep so that they practice the guidelines proactively. The soft copy of the recommendations will be available on the IAP’s website. We urge the members of IAP to be more proactive while dealing with these vaccine-preventable diseases, stay vigilant and sensitised.”

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