India’s First Mobile Stroke Unit Launched by Kovai Medical Center, Coimbatore

Kovai Medical Center and Hospital launched Asia’s first innovative new Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) designed to bring time-critical stroke care to patients on the way to the hospital. This will be the world’s most comprehensive mobile stroke unit that is capable of conducting and producing advanced quality imaging for stroke diagnosis and non-invasive CT-angiography.

Receiving the correct treatment for stroke quickly is based on accurate diagnosis of the stroke with a rapid neurologic assessment and CT scan. Faster diagnosis and subsequent treatment can make a lot of difference. This unique mobile stroke unit is a specially built, state-of-art ambulance outfitted with telemedicine technology and a CT scanner enabling brain imaging that is critical to accurate diagnosis and timely treatment. The unit features the most advanced technologies, expert staff and life-saving treatment to stroke victims. It is designed to significantly reduce the time from the onset of symptoms to the delivery of care, a crucial factor in improving stroke outcomes.

Kovai Medical Center and Hospitals under the leadership of its Chairman, Dr.Nalla G Palaniswami, after several discussions with Schiller USA decided to be the first hospital in Asia to try to develop a similar strategy by ordering a mobile stroke unit, …

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