India’s largest Indian Cancer Congress 2017 to be held in Bengaluru

The second chapter of Indian Cancer Congress (ICC) 2017 will be held from 8th to 12th November 2017 at the Clarks Convention Centre in Bengaluru.  Cancer being a non-communicable, conquerable lifestyle disease and rapidly changing scenario of cancer worldwide is providing new insights into the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of cancer. The aim of the conference, its four major national oncology partners and Karnataka government is to provide a platform and spread cancer awareness through various initiatives. Bengaluru, known as the silicon valley of India attracts a large number of tourists every year and is one of the most advanced destinations for healthcare in India.

The conference will see prominent national and International delegates in multidisciplinary specialties such as surgical, medical, radiation oncology, oncopath, genomics, radiology, scientists and research come together in Bangalore. Karnataka government understands the implication of cancer and hence, is one of the first to announce it as a “Notifiable Disease”. Along with that, Karnataka government will take various initiatives for oncology awareness and treatment at district and its plans to open super-specialty hospitals.Other highlights of the conference include a major step by National Centre for Disease Informatics (NCDI), the launch of electronic mortality death certificates. Along with that, a full day programme on generic drugs has been organized to explore the possibility of biosimilar drugs.


A critical session on clinical trials will be held on 9TH NOV in ICC for exploring ideas in cancer research. Indo-US and Indo-UK networking session on collaboration of cancer research in India will be the key highlight of the conference. Apart from these, original research papers will be presented during the event and to encourage young oncologists in research various awards, national and overseas fellowship has been sponsored.

During the press conference, Prof. K S Gopinath, Chairman, and Prof. Ramesh.S.Bilimagga, ICC 2017, said, “We are very excited to announce the second Indian Cancer Congress 2017 in Bengaluru this year with tremendous support from the Government of Karnataka and Health Ministry. India being the most progressive country in cancer research is a testimony to the hardwork demonstrated by cancer specialist in the country and ICC 2017 is the biggest oncology event showcasing it on the world map. The second congress will further strengthen cancer research and development in the country.”

The four major oncology associations (Association of Radiation Oncologists of India, Association of Surgical Oncologists, Indian Society of Medical and Pediatric Oncology and the Indian Society of Oncology) of the country come together to organize  Indian Cancer congress (ICC) once every four years. ICC 2017 also enjoys support of over 4 professional bodies, 6 leading international associations involved in cancer care. With a confirmed faculty of over 230 global thought leaders, ICC has already received 3500+ delegate registration for the conference Dr Kiran Mazumdarshaw chairman and MD of  Biocon, the leading biopharmaceutical  company is the patron of this conference.

The conference will benefit the cancer care society and aid in further research and development. There are around 3,300,000 cancer patients in India and each year around 600,000 patients die and doctors diagnose 1,000,000 new cancer cases. India bears a disproportionate amount of cancer cases and possesses 50% of the world’s oral cancer cases. On the other hand, Bengaluru has seen a massive growth of cancer cases with approximately 113 cases for every one lakh male and 139 cases for every one lakh female according to population based cancer registry.

Four days of program as well as a day of pre-conference workshop will be held. The program will consist of presentations, panel, round table discussions, and lectures with an emphasis on audience participation. The ICC will help care providers implement new ideas and research into their practice as well as further the discussion of best practices to curtail the rapid growth of cancer cases and provide quality care to patients.

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