Indore-based lady doctor performs TAVI on 67-year-old

The live surgery was telecast to an international forum where cardiologists from all across the globe were the audience

Dr Sarita Rao, Senior Interventional Cardiologist from Indore-based Apollo Hospitals, recently performed a live trans arterial aortic valve Implantation (TAVI). TAVI is one of the newest intervention to replace diseased aortic valve which usually required an extensive surgery to cut open the chest and replacing the valve.


Says Dr Rao, “This is the first time that there was a live case telecast from the city of Indore to an international forum where cardiologists from all across the globe were the audience. It was a great opportunity and I am proud that I and team Apollo were able to contribute to the forum with a live TAVI case – which in itself is a novel offering in our filed.”

Sharing details about the live case, Dr Rao added that a 67-year-old gentleman was suffering from severe aortic stenosis and also having narrowing of main artery of the body called aorta (coarctation). approached us for TAVI. 

Dr Ashok Bajpai, Sr Consultant and Director Apollo Hospitals, “I congratulate Dr Sarita Rao and the entire team for this major achievement. He added, women’s contribution has been key to our very evolution and Dr Sarita has been a blessing to the field of cardiology and this region, and she has contributed immensely – being amongst first women cardiologist in India to do Intra-vascular lithotripsy, first in central India to do TAVI , first in Asia Pacific to do Renal Denervation Therapy (RDN) and first in India to do dedicated bifurcation device and first hybrid procedure for dissecting aortic aneurysm.”

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