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Intrivo launches FDA-authorised at-home rapid COVID-19 self-test On/Go

Delivers 95 per cent accuracy in 10 minutes through unique AI-powered mobile app

Intrivo, a US-based health-tech leader, announced the launch of On/Go, an at-home rapid COVID-19 antigen self-test that delivers results with 95 per cent accuracy in just 10 minutes. On/Go, which has received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is an affordable and easy-to-use self-test with a companion app that guides users step-by-step through testing that is highly accurate, fast and convenient. 


In addition to direct-to-consumer and enterprise sales, Intrivo was also awarded a US Department of Defense contract to distribute tens of millions of On/Go tests to 25,000 locations across the US that are among the most vulnerable populations in need of rapid testing solutions. These locations include nursing homes, homeless shelters, National Guard sites, military bases and community testing sites. For population managers, On/Go offers an AI-powered platform that uses Intrivo’s proprietary technology to provide fast, accurate and actionable results in the first end-to-end testing-to-tracing COVID-control solution. 

The On/Go companion app is available now for free on iOS and Android and allows for easy viewing, tracking, and sharing of test results. In response to high demand and current shortages of antigen tests, On/Go is readily available for both consumers and enterprises, and Intrivo is ramping up its US-based production rapidly with tests available for order now. Made in the US, On/Go is available for delivery at, Amazon, and

The On/Go app includes a unique, secure digital passport that includes current test results and vaccine records that can be used to gain access to restaurants, businesses, live events, travel and more. On/Go leverages individual test results to power population-level insights in real-time. Whether used by a large employer, business, hospital, entertainment venue, government entity, school or university, On/Go enables organisations of all types to stay ahead of COVID-19 and reduce costly shutdowns.


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