Jaipur-based MEDdelivery raises $1 million in investment

The startup plans to expand its reach in 100+ non-metro cities in the next 18-24 months

Jaipur-based MEDdelivery has raised around a $1 million in investments from investors like Auxano Entrepreneur Trust, Lets Venture, Kisho Capital, Venture Garage, Faad Network and Marquee Angels.


MEDdelivery has emerged as a game-changer in the healthcare sector, significantly accelerating business growth for local pharmacies. By becoming a one-stop procurement partner, MEDdelivery has enabled pharmacies to overcome unorganised supply chains, making them capital efficient with just-in-time stock replenishment and data-driven reorder triggers. This has resulted in achieving a nearly 100 per cent fulfilment rate for their partners.  

“With MEDdelivery, we aim to increase accessibility, availability, and affordability of medicines especially in non-metro markets which are dominated by locally-run pharma companies,” Aastha Dusad, Co-Founder, MEDdelivery. 

Offering a wide-ranging catalogue of over 1 million SKU’s from 10,000+ different pharmaceutical brands, the startup has achieved an annualised gross merchandise volume of over Rs 48 crore by catering to small retail pharmacies in Jaipur, with a daily average order size of Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000. MEDdelivery offers a complete solution that essentially aligns everyone’s interest in the supply chain. The strong repeat rate of 70 per cent+ is a testament to the stronghold in the market. 

“With local medical stores playing a vital role in these testing times by providing priority healthcare to more than 10 million people every day, we’ve ensured that they have no hassle while ordering stocks and the supply chain is running efficiently”, Rohit Bafna Co-Founder, MEDdelivery. 

Currently operating in eight-plus cities with over 3000+ retail pharmacies using their unique platform to procure supplies, the startup plans to expand its reach in 100+ non-metro cities in the next 18-24 months. 

“Our uniquely designed, community-driven data support enables us to provide 100 per cent fulfilment of all products to all our customers. We strive to achieve efficiency for all stakeholders in the pharma supply chain by increasing accessibility, availability and affordability of medicines.” – Rahul Gautam, Co-Founder, MEDdelivery.


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