JB Pharma reduces price of heart drug AZMARDA

Azmarda (Saccubutril-Valsartan), 50 mg will now be available at Rs 39.6 per tablet as compared to Rs 78 per tablet

JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals (JB Pharma) announced a substantial price decrease of approximately 50 per cent for the critical heart failure drug Azmarda. Azmarda, which contains the patented molecule Saccubutril-Valsartan is indicated for heart failure that ails 8 to 12 million people in the country. After the price reduction, Azmarda (Saccubutril-Valsartan), 50 mg will be available at Rs 39.6 per tablet as compared to Rs 78 per tablet. 


Dilip Singh Rathore, President – Domestic Business, JB Pharma, said, “Being a leading player in the cardiac segment, JB has decided to take the lead in making their Azmarda drug more accessible and affordable for heart failure patients in India. This is in line with our strategy of providing innovative and quality treatment to a larger patient pool at the most affordable price points. With this move, the overall monthly treatment cost will reduce significantly from Rs 4500 to Rs 2200. The HF drug also helps in reducing hospitalisation cost by around INR 1,00,000 at the minimum.”


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