Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals installs Elekta Infinity equipment

The linear accelerator with the latest cutting-edge technology will aid in cancer radiotherapy treatment

Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospitals has launched Elekta Infinity, the newly commissioned linear accelerator and the latest cutting-edge technology in cancer radiotherapy treatment. The facility was inaugurated by Thiru Ma Subramanian, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu.


Dr TG Govindarajan, Founder CMD, Dr Kamakshi Memorial Hospital spoke about the genesis of this Hospital tracing its dedication especially to Cancer Treatment and its bid to break the hitherto handheld myth that cancer was incurable and its determined mission driven by a passion to make cancer treatment available to all strata of the Society at affordable cost levels.

According to Dr Govindarajan, the Elekta Infinity linear accelerator with its varied applications and add on features have been installed at a total cost of around Rs 20 crores. It is equipped with the Active Breathing Coordinator (ABC) feature which ensures that the normal and healthy tissues surrounding the heart, lungs and other organs that move with natural respiration are protected from beams of radiation while treating breast and lung cancers.”

Other features include active breathing coordinator for respiratory motion management, BodyFIX patient immobilisation for precise patient positioning and immobilisation, Fraxion for patient-specific cranial immobilization and symmetry for 4D tumour position visualisation. The linear accelerator can be used in the treatment of breast cancer, uterine cervix cancer, brain tumours, prostate cancer, tumours in the liver and lungs and even paediatric cancers.

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