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Karnataka Health Minister asks Vision Group to prepare health sector development report

The report is likely to be finalised in six months

Karnataka Health and Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar directed the Vision Group on health and medical education to prepare a report on the comprehensive development of the health sector.


The report is likely to be finalised in six months, Dr Sudhakar said.

Sudhakar was quoted as saying in a press release that the state government is working towards comprehensive transformation in the health sector. Currently, National Health policy 2017 is in place and we are committed to providing quality health care for the people of Karnataka, he said.

In a bid to upgrade healthcare infrastructure in the state and ensure high-quality care in government hospitals, the state government has set up a vision group on health and medical education.

Speaking on the current health care situation in the state, Dr Sudhakar said that presently health care is divided into three parts viz, primary, community and district level health services. There are medical colleges available and these services need to be integrated to provide quality health care to the public.”


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