KJ Somaiya Hospital, Gelnova Labs conduct research on TURMGEL lozenge

Research to study the role of TURMGEL in reducing risk of infection with COVID-19

KJ Somaiya Hospital and Gelnova Labs have taken a step towards minimising the infection risk of COVID-19 amongst healthcare workers by following a month-long study with 303 healthcare workers to study the role of TURMGEL in reducing the risk of infection with COVID-19.

TURMGEL is the only globally patented, mouth-dissolving lozenge in the market. It is also being exported to several countries across the world. TURMGEL’s sugar-free formulation bypasses the gut and provides a high level of bioactive components, preventing infections in the salivary load, eventually enhancing immunity.

In the study, Somaiya Hospital decided to use TURMGEL lozenges as it solubilises in the saliva, and reaches the blood stream directly.

The study was conducted by Dr Niharika Gill and Dr Pranauti Mestry among the healthcare workers working in COVID-19 wards, to see if the use of TURMGEL reduces risk of contracting COVID-19 infection. All the healthcare workers received TURMGEL lozenge thrice daily. The study participants followed the prescribed protection and infection control norms as recommended by the Indian Council of Medical Research and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, and the proposal was cleared by the institutional ethics committee of KJ Somaiya Medical College and Hospital. TURMGEL demonstrated good acceptability among the healthcare workers and further research is underway.

Dr Varsha Phadke, Dean, KJ Somaiya Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, said, “We are facing a global health crisis and it is also our responsibility to contribute the best we have to create a healthy society. We, at KJ Somaiya Hospital have always believed in working towards a better and healthier society. The TURMGEL study, supported by Gelnova Labs, is our attempt to fight against the virus and to create a safer environment for people. As we explore further into the study we are hoping for positive results, which will benefit the society.”

Jatin Thakkar, MD, Gelnova Laboratories said, “The safety of our COVID warriors is important and all possible interventions must be tried to break the chain of transmission. Further research is planned to study the usefulness of the turmeric lozenge in treating COVID-19 patients. With Somaiya Hospital’s contribution, we look forward to its success.”



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