Ludhiana’s Deep Hospital launch initiative for neonatal babies

Neonates born in any hospital in any part of the country will be covered under this special initiative

Ludhiana-based Deep Hospital has announced an initiative to help out with the ongoing covid crisis. Under this initiative, if the parents of a newborn baby are diagnosed covid positive and the baby doesn’t show any symptoms of the infection, the hospital will take care of and nurture the infant, until the parents recover from the infection. The idea is to minimise the risk of exposure to the newborns and protect them by keeping them in Deep Hospital’s NICU. These infants will be given expert physiological and even medical care, as necessary, during their stay at Deep Hospital while the parents recover.


The programme was announced by the hospital only for the neonates, i.e., children under 28 days given that the first month of life is the most crucial period wherein immunity levels are the lowest, making babies highly susceptible to any form of virus or infection in the air. Neonates born in any hospital in any part of the country will be covered under this special initiative. The hospital has so far allocated 15 beds for the same.

Dr Singh said, “This is our way of ensuring that these parents recover well with the complete satisfaction that their newborn is in safe hands and under the expert care of professionally trained nurses who specialise in neonatal care, as well as doctors.”

A dedicated team has been designed to take care of these newborns. This includes baby-friendly jhapas and professionally qualified highly-skilled neonatal ICU nurses with over 20 years of experience in newborn management.

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