Lung Transplant at PGIMER, Chandigarh 1st in India by Government Hospital

With a successful lung transplant, Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, (PGIMER), Chandigarh, joined the ranks of other hospitals in India with good transplant outcomes.

PGIMER, is the first government hospital in India to perform a lung transplant. Commending his team for this leap forward in the transplant surgery, Prof. Jagat Ram, Director, PGIMER Chandigarh said, “Despite cadaver donor organ transplants picking up at a consistent pace in different pockets in the country, lung transplants are still very uncommon. This is partly because the surgery is complex and technically demanding and also because there are not too many usable lungs. Even the recipients too have to be selected very carefully for these procedures. So it is really heartening that today, PGIMER not only surpasses the 27 number of cadaver organ donations of last year but also has to its credit the ‘first in public sector hospitals’ in lung transplant surgery in India.”

Team of doctors with Prof. Jagat Ram, Director, PGIMER at the press conference

A team of more than 20 doctors and supporting staff comprising of anesthetists Prof. G. D. Puri and Prof. Virendra K. Arya, cardiovascular & thoracic surgeons Prof. Rana Sandip Singh, Dr. Harkant Singh Baryah supervised by Prof. T. Shyam K. Singh, and specialists from Pulmonary Medicine Prof. Ashutosh Aggarwal, Dr. K.T. Prasad, Neurosurgeon Prof. Rajesh Chhabra along with residents, transplant coordinators, technical and nursing staff conducted this complex operation in over twelve hours.

“The institute has been successfully performing heart, kidney, pancreas, liver and cornea transplants. With today’s accomplishment, PGIMER has forayed into lung transplant which will contribute to saving more precious lives,” said Dr Vipin Koushal, nodal officer, Regional Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation, PGI.

Lung transplant recipient is a 35-year-old woman from Sangrur, Punjab, who was suffering with interstitial lung disease — an end stage liver disease —  who received the lungs of a 22-year-old male accident victim from Moga in Punjab.

Professor D Behera, head, department of pulmonary medicine thanked his team for ‘making it happen’. “The entire team involved in the process has made it happen, however, Dr. Ashutosh Aggarwal and Dr. K.T. Prasad deserve a special mention for their proactive efforts. Along with, its first lung transplant, PGIMER is also financially supporting the recipient for the procedure,” he said.


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