Maharashtra sees sharp spike in COVID-19 cases

The rising graph happens to coincide with the unlocking the state has effected

Maharashtra has registered 20,590 coronavirus cases from February 6 to February 12 out of which 169 people lost their lives while over 20,200 have recovered. The state’s weekly average of Covid-19 cases stood at 2,941 and there has been a sharp increase in the daily tally since Wednesday (February 10). The total caseload is nearing 2.1 million and the recoveries stand at 1,972,475. The rising graph happens to coincide with the unlocking the state has effected. 


As many as 3,451 cases were added on Wednesday; 3,297 on Thursday and 3,670 cases were added on Friday recording the highest during the week. Friday also saw the highest deaths of the week (36 ), which pushed the overall toll to 51,451. On February 8, Maharashtra recorded the lowest number of COVID-29 cases (2,216) and deaths (15) this week. Meanwhile, the highest number of recoveries from COVID-19 for the week was on Thursday (February 11) when 6,107 people got cured/discharged/recovered.

However, as Covid-19 started receding nationwide, Maharashtra too was seeing an improvement in the overall situation. On October 6, 2020, 10,244 cases were reported which had been the lowest in the preceding two months. From there, the COVID-19 cases further went down and just over 1,924 cases were seen on January 18 this year, which had been the lowest since May 2020. But the COVID-19 curve in Maharashtra is on the rise again since the beginning of February.

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