Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur felicitates 27 Covid-19 survivors for fighting Mucormycosis

The patients from tier-II cities had stepped up to fight the fatal disease through a series of surgeries

Recently, Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, felicitated Covid survivors, aged between 30 and 66, who won their fight against Mucormycosis. Mucormycosis or Black Fungus is a rare fungal infection, which leads to a massive disuniformity of facial features, and it is highly fatal across all stages. Among all the outlets of Manipal Hospital, the Yeshwanthpur unit excelled in treating and healing the highest number of patients with Mucormycosis. During the event held on March 15, Manipal Hospital, Yashwanthpur, applauded all 27 patients who, through their commitment, endurance, and never-say-die spirit, managed to get back to normal or near-normal lives once again.

During the course of treatment of these patients at Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, doctors not only conducted reconstructive surgeries on them to develop normal facial structures but also hand-held them through a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program to help boost their confidence. Thanks to this line of treatment by Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, all 27 patients have now been fully restored to good health, and are going about their lives.


The surgeries began in mid-May 2020 and lasted till September 2021. Even though all the procedures were completed by September, doctors at Manipal Hospital had to wait a while to see if the surgeries had the desired effect and benefited the patients.

All of these 27 patients had suffered various types of damages to their faces. Before being brought to Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, they were treated in multiple ways, including through the use of steroids. But all that did not help. For these patients, the only way to move to normal life was to undergo multiple surgeries. Dr Sreenivasa Murthy TM, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Manipal Hospital Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru and Dr Anjan Kumar Shah, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Manipal Hospital Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru conducted a series of surgeries for the 27 patients, along with Dr Shruthi BC, ENT surgeon, Manipal Hospital, Yeshwantpur and Dr Swathi Iyengar Singh, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur. Today, the above-mentioned doctors came together to highlight the positive outcomes through the multidisciplinary clinical approach, and reconstructive procedures that built the confidence for patients to lead a normal life post-treatment.

The majority of these patients hailed from Tier-II cities and were diabetics, which exposed them to Mucormycosis. A few patients hailed from Bangalore too.

A heart-wrenching story among the 27 patients was of 66-year-old Krishna Bai from Yelahanka, who desperately sought effective treatment at various hospitals but to no avail. When Krishna Bai was brought to Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, the base of her skull had started falling apart and one of her eyes had dissolved. This senior citizen belongs to a lower-middle-class family, which is financially supported by her working daughter.

Initially, doctors fretted whether they would be able to save this lady’s face or even her life. However, after four consecutive surgeries, she survived the onslaught of the virus which nearly managed to reach her brain. She lives a near-normal life now, though she lost one eye (replaced by a prosthetic eye) and a cheek.

Another inspiring story is that of 30-year-old Shivram, from Mandya, who lost both his jaws to the infection. That hurt the abilities of his teeth, rendering him unable to eat or speak. “However, through reconstructive surgery, the upper jaw was replaced on both sides. Now, thanks to the well-functioning jaw, he is able to talk, eat and conduct all other functions required of the jaw, properly.” says Dr Anjan Kumar Shah, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Manipal Hospital Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru.

At Manipal Hospital, the treatment accorded to these patients included plastic surgeries, which transformed their lives for the better, helping them face the real world once again with confidence.

“We are happy to see so many patients surviving this mutilating disease, thanks to consistent medical attention. We are greatly satisfied at the work done in this regard at Manipal Hospital, Yeswanthpur,” said Dr. Sreenivasa Murthy TM, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Manipal Hospital Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru

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