Manipal Hospitals launches Virtual Clinic at Infosys Campus

In an endeavor to help people get access to world class healthcare services, Manipal Hospitals recently launched a virtual clinic for the welfare of the employees of Infosys at Electronics City campus. This solution is expected to benefit employees of Infosys immensely. It will not only provide hassle-free quality healthcare services at reduced costs, but will also pave the way for a healthier and more productive workforce.

The deployment of the telemedicine facility is to ensure that patients do not postpone treatments for fear of losing time at work in order to keep up with their appointments. Factors such as traffic and long distance play a critical role in people not tending to the needs of their health, which can lead to complications later on. This facility in the comfort of the office premises will enable ease and convenience of seeking consultations and medical advice. The clinic will also offer advice on the maladies of family members of employees. Patients have access to specialty offerings such as oncology that provide them the choice of a second opinion and enables the doctor to choose the best line of treatment for critical health issues such as cancer.

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