Mankind Pharma unveils pregnancy detection test kit in India

The test device does not require the collection of urine in a dropper or a container

Mankind Pharma’s pregnancy test kit brand has launched a new and advanced pregnancy detection test kit for the Indian market. With the launch of Prega News Advance it strives to continually provide advanced testing solutions for confirming the pregnancy.


Prega News advance is a single-step pregnancy test device that does not require the collection of urine in a dropper or a container, making it the easiest and most convenient method to test pregnancy at home. It is an easy to grip mid-stream test device used under urine stream directly while the absorbent tip of the device without the use of a dropper collects the sample and readily provides accurate results in just three minutes.

Joy Chatterjee, GM, Sales and Marketing, Mankind Pharma said, “We at Prega News have always aimed at making lives and the joy of pregnancy come true for expecting couples. Taking a test is the first step in confirming pregnancy. Thus, our objective has always been to give rapid and accurate results. Today, life is fast-moving, and women thrive every day to be an equal part of the economic engine. Therefore, Prega News advanced is designed keeping in mind the fast-paced lifestyle of working women to make their own decisions. Our product has received overwhelming responses in the first phase of the launch and we are expecting the same enthusiasm towards the product in the future.”

After the first phase of the launch, the products will be available in eight states. Consumers will be able to access the products in offline and online stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Guwahati, Chennai, Haryana and Kolkata. The product is competitively priced at Rs 100 only. While in the second phase, the brand aims to proliferate deeper into the markets by availing the products in all parts of the country.

The brand will promote the new product with the help of both celebrities.
With phase-wise product expansion, the brand is keenly focused on marketing. It has plans to associate with doctors and pharmacists across the country to create a top of mind recall for consumers. Along with this, the brand also aims to leverage influencer marketing in the coming months to increase visibility and brand awareness on social media platforms.

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