Marengo Asia Healthcare collaborates with Karkinos Healthcare

The strategic partnership will lay the groundwork for systematic population screening for common cancers

Marengo Asia Healthcare and Karkinos Healthcare join hands to address the cancer challenge in India through the message centred around “Let’s win over Cancer”, enabling a long-term, sustainable, socio-economic impact in the onco-care ecosystem.


The strategic partnership will lay the groundwork for systematic population screening for common cancers through the importance of early detection coupled with precision diagnosis capabilities and personalized treatment, which is a key to understanding individual cancer proliferation and planning treatment.

The goal is to bring oncology therapy closer to the communities by integrating all services such as chemotherapy and radiation centres through an integrated cancer care network as part of the partnership alongside Marengo Asia network hospitals. In recent times, India has emerged as a hub for R&D activities and is one of the leading destinations for high-end diagnostic services. We are geared to train doctors and nurses at community levels to render service deliveries at optimum levels to make the nation a healthier one.

Speaking on the partnership, Dr Raajiv Singhal, Founding Member, MD and CEO, Marengo Asia Healthcare says, “Every patient detected with Cancer should be treated right at right time. Our focus is to create a positive impact in the society we live in by working with all our stakeholders. It is well known that there are 2.25 million cases detected with cancer each year, with cancer affecting at least one in 8 Indians in their lifetime. With this partnership, we aim to reduce the mortality and morbidity in the societies around Marengo Asia hospitals thus creating social and economic benefits for patients and their families. With cancer emerging in recent years as a major public concern in India, this partnership is directed, with advanced technology in diagnostics, a significant breakthrough in early detection and decreased burden of deaths due to cancer.”

“Cancer care continues to be one of the most critical and yet underserved needs in our country. Every year, millions of new cases are diagnosed, and by with partnering like-minded organisations such as Marengo Asia Healthcare, we hope to revolutionize the existing paradigms of patient care. The prime focus of Karkinos Healthcare is to create awareness and provide a platform for early detection and diagnosis of cancer, with a vision towards precision oncology. And coming together of our organisations is a unique proposition for patients and communities in addressing early detection, precision cancer care plan treatment as well as post-op care,” adds Dr Moni Kuriakose, Co-Founder and Medical Director, Karkinos Healthcare.

The complex and rare Cancer cases will be discussed in the Virtual Tumor Board (VTB), which has national and international oncology experts of eminence assuring the right and trusted cancer care to patients.

The approach is to make a sustainable impact in the community by empowering people to self-detect any signs of cancer in their families and make super-specialised treatments accessible and affordable.

The organisations will continue to stay engaged in academics, research, and innovation to drive precision oncology treatment solutions with an evidence-based approach through population analytics.


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