Masina Hospital Appoints Full time Psychiatrists’ Managed Department

Masina Hospital, city’s first privately run Hospital, has transformed its psychiatry department from a part-time consultant led into a full-time psychiatrists’ managed department. This change was necessitated in order to completely fulfill the legal compliance mandated by the Mental Health Act 1987 and The Mental Health Act of 2017 which will be implemented shortly. The hospital decided to align the department with its declared mission of providing affordable healthcare solutions.

The team will work to create solutions and provide best in class treatment to the patients. With the Full-Time Psychiatrists’ Managed department, Masina Hospital plans to integrate advanced solutions in the psychiatry department to create a connected healthcare system. The new team will be instrumental in helping the hospital build appropriate conduct and transparent practices that help both, healthcare providers as well as patients.

On the new appointments, the Management and Board of Trustees have issued the following statement “We at Masina Hospital believe in practicing ethical, clinically sound and financially transparent protocols that are patient-centric and in adherence to the provisions of the medical regulations. The Psychiatry services by its very complex nature need closer monitoring and additionally, the provisions of the Proposed Mental Health Act make it mandatory for us to be thoroughly compliant. In order to fulfill this mandate given, we have taken a decision to transform from a Part-Time Consultant-led department into a Full-Time Psychiatrists’ Managed department – where the Hospital Administration appoints Psychiatrists and take complete charge of organizing patient care from the first consultation to their rehabilitation. At Masina Hospital, this initiative is undertaken with an objective to fulfill our mission of providing affordable healthcare.”

Masina Hospital has taken due care of its inpatients by informing the caregivers of the developments by the Management Team. The new professional team will be available to assist patients with additional care as well as provide them the required treatment and support for their condition.

This transformation at Masina’s Psychiatry department is a reflection of the relentless efforts being put in by the team of proficient doctors and managing trustee. The Psychiatry department at Masina Hospitals is well equipped with advanced technologies and infrastructure to take on the most complex of endeavors. The focus of the new psychiatry department will be patients’ rights, professional and ethically sound practices along with an encouragement to academics and research.

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