Masina Hospital launches service for cardiac care

Masina Heart Brain 60 will allow cardiac patients to reach the nearest hospital within 60 minutes

Masina Hospital has launched Masina Heart Brain 60 (MHB60) across South Bombay. The service will allow heart attack and stroke patients reach the nearest hospital which has cardiac care facilities within 60 minutes. The service allows the patient to take an ambulance that will on standby 24×7 at various locations in the South Bombay and will contact the hospital helpline for activating the system before the patient reaches the hospital.


For a patient, the treatment given within the first hour of suffering a heart attack or a stroke, also known as the Golden Hour, is crucial for timely lifesaving and taking damage control actions. 

“There has been a marked increase in deaths from cardiac arrests. This could be probably due to the postponement and delay in seeking medical attention oftentimes caused due to the inability to reach hospitals for timely treatment. Therefore, it is important to emphasise that heart patients must not ignore any symptoms and/or delay medical attention at the time of heart attack or stroke as it will further deteriorate their health. MHB60 prevention services provide that window to reduce the damage and get to the hospital within one hour, ” said Dr Vispi Jokhi, CEO, Masina Hospital.

Dr Jokhi added, “It needs to be brought to the attention of the public that COVID-19 patients are more prone to a stroke as the virus affects the heart in many ways causing increased tendency of clotting. Prompt medical attention during this period can save one’s life.”


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