Max Super Speciality Hospital, Dehradun Introduces 24 hours ‘Day Care Surgeries’

Max Super Speciality Hospital Dehradun introduces ‘Day Care Surgeries’ wherein the patient can go home within 24 hours of surgery.  All consultations & medical intervention are done primarily in a single calendar day. Day care surgeries at Max Hospital, Dehradun are being provided under the following departments such as General surgery, ENT, Orthopaedics, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, spine surgery, urology, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Present on the occasion were –Dr. Sandeep Singh Tanwar, Vice President & Unit Head – Operations, Max Hospital, Dehradun, Dr. Mohammad Atif Khan, Sr. Consultant, GI & General Surgery.


Day ( Ambulatory ) care centers” is a  well known and a proven concept in the developed countries especially USA, England, France etc. The recovery time in Day Care surgeries is less than 24 hours post the surgeries. The patients are discharges on the same day of the surgery.  But, in common practice the patients are discharged on the same day of surgery.

Day care centers are growing all over the globe due to intense advancement in the field of surgical technology, newer methods of operating (eg.Laparoscopy) and anesthetic drugs. Also, loss of man hours incurred in a planned surgery in today’s work environment is a growing concern which gets ably met by such surgical techniques in day care surgical centers.

Anxieties are high while patients are deciding to undergo an operative procedure as post surgery activities like office, home and other daily affairs become an uphill task. Because of which most people try to avoid surgery in lieu of an easier treatment option as much as they can. Besides, there are higher anxieties, both in family and self.

Day care surgeries are a great boon for patients due to high precision, shorter stay, minimal pain & blood loss, lesser out of work’ time and faster recovery. ‘Day Care Surgeries’ gives the patient a greater degree of flexibility in scheduling the time & day of their operation.  Faster recovery, minimal scarring, and less chances of infection are clear advantages of day care surgeries.

Process for Day Care Surgeries begins as soon as the patient reports to the hospital wherein a day care ‘buddy’ who is already assigned takes care of everything right from scheduling lab reports, financial clearances, anesthesia checkup to evaluation & re-evaluation.

A detailed explanation of the day care surgery procedure, admission, discharge criteria and post-operative care at home is provided to patient. The procedure and aftercare is explained to the patient and any investigations required are conveyed 2 days prior to the surgery. Post-surgical medication and other relevant instructions are given in the day care ward by a professional day care nurse. She even calls the patient on the next day of surgery to check on the patient’s condition.

Dr. Sandeep Singh Tanwar, Vice President & Unit Head at Max Super Speciality Hospital Dehradun, addressed the media and discussed about the launch of day care surgeries. He said, “We are proud to be the first healthcare providers in the region to provide organized day care setup under various specialties. Day care surgeries are not only cost effective for patients but they also give them the option to return home mostly by day’s end for a more comfortable recovery”.

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