Med-Tech startup IOTA Diagnostic develops novel approach for cervical cancer screening

Secures CDSCO approval in India

IOTA Diagnostic, a pioneering med-tech startup in bio-sampling solutions, announced a significant milestone with the recent approval of its groundbreaking M-Strip device by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) in India.

The M-Strip, is an indigenously built novel advancement for cervical cancer screening which empowers women to mark themselves safe by self-sampling in the comforts and privacy of their homes. This revolutionary method for cervical cancer screening using menstrual blood follows a study conceptualised by Dr Somesh Chandra, the principal investigator, which was carried out in collaboration with Sterling Accuris, a leading diagnostic chain in northwest India. This truly marks a step towards taking cervical cancer screening to the beneficiaries’ doorstep and opening the window towards wider participation in screening programmes to control cervical cancer.

Vaibhav Shitole, Founder, IOTA Diagnostic, alongside Dr Chandra, a renowned Oncologist from Ahmedabad and Rajiv Sharma from Sterling Accuris are the inventors and Co-Filers of the patent for the M-Strip device. Recently, the company was granted a design patent for the device by the Indian Patent Office.

Shitole stated, ‘The CDSCO’s approval of M-Strip marks a major milestone for IOTA Diagnostic and represents a significant leap forward in the field of women’s health, particularly in the early detection and screening of cervical cancer and STIs. The technology introduces dual innovations. Firstly, in the diagnostic method, M-Strip leverages the distinctive properties of menstrual blood and benefits from Dried Matrix, through our proprietary material, allowing sample collection and preservation for extended durations for the diagnostic tests. Secondly, innovation extends to the device’s design, facilitating self-sampling in women’s comfort zones and enabling hassle-free shipment without the need for cold environments and transportation media.”

M-Strip integrated into the sanitary pads offers a non-invasive alternative during menstruation, allowing for sample collection without discomfort and sending them for laboratory analysis.




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