MedGenome Labs gets ICMR Approval for RT-PCR Testing for COVID-19

MedGenome Labs strengthens its presence in infectious disease testing

Bengaluru: MedGenome Labs, a genetic diagnostics lab collaborates with Dr. Iravatham’s clinical laboratory in Hyderabad, a niche testing lab in the field of Tuberculosis diagnostics strengthening its presence in infectious diseases testing. MedGenome’s partner Xcyton Diagnostics is also awarded the ICMR approval to undertake COVID-19 testing at its lab in Bengaluru.

Citing their strengths, Dr. Vedam Ramprasad, CEO, MedGenome Labs, said “Our collaboration with
Dr. Iravatham’s lab is a milestone in TB testing ecosystem and we are committed to take more steps
to integrate SPIT SEQ, our proprietary whole genome sequencing based test for diagnosis and drug
resistance detection directly from sputum samples, into TB testing ecosystem”.


The partnership with Iravatham’s lab will help integrate MedGenome’s flagship innovation SPIT-SEQ,
with various tests offered by Dr. Iravatham for Tuberculosis and also set up a state of the art BSL2/3
infectious testing lab in Hyderabad “With India in the limelight as far as global TB burden is
concerned, diagnosis and drug resistance detection take the centre stage. Offering a complete range
of tests, right from smear microscopy to a sequencing-based test, will help shorten the time to
diagnose, and lead to timely intervention.”, said, Dr Chitra Iravatham, Dr Iravatham's Clinical
Laboratory (DICL).

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